2018 Kia GT Price, Sedan

Korean manufacturer has decided to step up the offer with the new model. It is the 2018 Kia GT. Fantastic model with aggressive characteristics.

2018 Kia GT – Concept Design, Cabin, release Date

Premiere of the Kia GT could advertise to occur at Auto Show in Detroit this year. It is a concept that was shown at the exhibition in Frankfurt in 2011. For now bears the name of the GT, but according to some reports could be renamed Kia Stinger.

                         2018 Kia GT – VIDEO

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The move promises to increase the company’s profits and the assumption of certain customers from competitors. Scheduling production costs will be better, especially for the employees. All these years, stories have circulated, whether the concept ever appear in serial production. Spent the effort, work and finances. Therefore, the result is more than good. Koreans have crossed from words to deeds, worked hard and got the expected product. Sales would certainly need to be initiated this year. Top design, can only bring prestige and respect among customers to the competition. Kia has deservedly won an international award for the design of the GT. Sports sedan will get a brand new platform, with rear-wheel drive. Whether the producers use carbon fiber or not is still a question mark. The answer is that, will they think of the price or the driving skills. The front grille will be a modern, dynamic with well-fitted LED lights. The line that promises good aerodynamics and rear of the exhaust system with an innovative and functional lights. All packed just right.


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The cabin does not stand out much from the outside looks. But surely it would be different from the concept. Something will be added and some were ejected. However, potential buyers can rely on comfortable sports seats, electronic tuning, good sound insulation and high quality materials. Driving pleasure is guaranteed. Minimalist display command is fascinating. But ease of use is commendable. The buttons are on the steering wheel and the door. The display, which occupies the central part of the cockpit is unique and particularly interesting. If it remains as it is displayed. Small in size but functional. The soft lines, the extra details that make the room more noble, only parts of the cab who appreciates the space special. Digital control panel is designed gently, without any aggressive or detail with useful information display.


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Whether this will be the engine for 2018 Kia GT?

Engine: 3.3 liter V6 turbo

Power: 365 hp

Torque: 376 lb/ft

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 sec.

To Speed: 151 mph

2018 Kia GT - engine

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Infotainment and Safety Equipment for 2018 Kia GT



Good Audio System

Traction Control

Mp3 Player

Brake Assist

Bluetooth Connection

Stability Control

Hands-Free Calling



Pedestrian Detection

AUX Connection

Parking Sensors

USB Port

Lane Departure

Air Condition

2018 Kia GT - safety

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The Current Competitors for Model 2018 Kia GT

Mercede-Benz C-class

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