2018 BMW X7 Release Date

 What do we know about the upcoming model, the famous 2017 BMW X7? Nothing precise, a lot of assumptions, but let’s see what we know.

2018 BMW X7 – Design, Interior, Exterior, Release Date

The German company, however, confirmed that the new BMW X7 will see the light of day. When is not yet known, but it is important that this will happen. If you have a chance next year to visit some of the world’s auto shows, you’ll probably have a chance to see live this SUV. Release date is scheduled for the year 2017 if not for 2018, respectively.

                      2018 BMW X7 – VIDEO

Production will take place in America. Specifically in Spaertanburg, North Carolina. A lot of money has been invested in this project, in order to achieve the objective of the Bavarians. And this is a superior car, with larger dimensions, functional engines, lots of power and above all modern and attractive design. Above all, honor to ride the SUV will have American drivers. Planned production is about 400,000 pieces. The upcoming model BMW X7, according to the announcements should be based on the concept X5 eDrive. This is a hybrid car that has already been presented.


We can expect a modern vehicle, larger in size, solid and robust. But elegance certainly will be a combination of sporty and luxurious style. With a distinctive front grille and LED light units. The concrete appearance is not yet known. Therefore, the displayed image represents a last presented model of BMW X7. Still, it is too early for the manufacturer to reveal all the secrets of. Will certainly wait for the right moment to move.

The interior is always special with German model. Why? Because it is the embodiment of pure quality and finesse. Announced are three rows of seats and a large luggage compartment. The aim is lower vehicle weight, but with a large passenger and luggage space, many expect the opposite. However, we should have confidence in the engineers, one of the largest car factory in the world. They became real magicians. Using aluminum suitcase, magnesium and carbon fiber will make a miracle. The equipment will, as before, be rich and quality. Even will appear and ultra luxury version of the BMW X7.


Engine Specs for 2018 BMW X7

What could be found under the hood? For now, it comes down to assumptions. But it will certainly be a powerful engine, probably 6 cylinder 3.0 liter Twin Power Turbo, 4.4-liter V8 petrol and diesel engine or the strongest offered 6.6-liter twin turbo V12 engine.

2018 BMW X1 - engine

But the offer will be sure to include the plug-in hybrid variant. Engines should work with 8 speed automatic gearbox, while the drive will be installed on all wheels.

Possible Infotainment and Safety Equipment for 2018 BMW X7



Mp3 Player





Stability Control


Traction Control

Navigation System

Detection of Pedestrians

Many Speakers

Automatic Lights

AUX Connection

Rain Sensors

Voice Commands

Tire Pressure Control

Satellite Radio

Lane Departure Warning

Air Conditioning

Brake Assist

Smart Application


Competitors for 2018 BMW X7

Lincoln Navigator.jpeg

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