2018 BMW 6 series Coupe and Convertible

It is known that the Bavarian manufacturer has managed to surprise drivers with some attractive model. Such would be the case with the 2018 BMW 6 series.

2018 BMW 6 series – Redesign, Interior, Price, Specs

Do we need to mention, how looks like a luxury BMW? Absolutely fascinating. Much effort has been invested in recent years in order to get a good reputation, enhance production and increase wages. The whole world is familiar with models from BMW company. Everywhere are popular and attractive. But of course these cars are not for every budget. By improving the looks and equipment price increases. In a way it is understandable that these developments are not good for drivers. However, each model finds its way to the owner. The new BMW 6 series, should appear at shows during this year, while the beginning of the sale would not take place before the arrival of 2018. Price has always been high, but for a reason. The basic model, without a multitude of user-friendly equipment will be around $ 77,000.

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BMW 6 series should have its Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible version. The main difference is in the size of the vehicle and your needs. Do you needed a large, luxury family car or coupe with modern, breathtaking look. What promises concept, are unchanged character, LED front lights, the increased wheelbase, distinctive front grille from two parts of aluminum wheels and a new futuristic exhaust system. In length and width, BMW 6 series will have similar dimensions, but will be somewhat lower than the outgoing model. Graceful phenomenon provided the perfect dynamic form. The designers are really invested all the knowledge and skill. Specific aesthetic details can be observed in the BMW 6 series with M equipment package. They are an aggressive front bumper, discreet side skirts and another typical accessories.


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How fits to one precious luxury car, the cabin is a real perfection. The interior is rich with high style and equipment of the future. First of all, increased space for passengers, but the entrance and exit is a bit more difficult. Why? Because the seating position is low. The seats are comfortable, upholstered in leather, and as some parts of the cabin. Central tunnel should be massive. One part is facing the driver, in order to facilitate handling commands. The controller works perfectly in the hands of the driver. Ergonomically molded, and on it are keys to switch gears. Without modesty, Bavarian novelty in the form of the BMW 6 series, only with appearance explains why belongs to a class of exotic vehicles.


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Powertrain for 2018 BMW 6 series

Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged 6-cylinder

Power: 315 hp

Torque: 330 lb/ft

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Fuel Economy: 19/29 mpg for Coupe, 20/29 mpg for Convertible, 19/28 mpg for Gran Coupe


Engine: 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8

Power: 445 hp

Torque: 480 lb/ft

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Fuel Economy: 16/24 mpg for Convertible, 15/24 mpg for Coupe and Gran Coupe


Engine: 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8

Power: 560 hp

Torque: 500 lb/ft

Transmission: 7-speed automatic or 6-speed manual

Fuel Economy: 14/20 mpg for automatic transmission, 15/22 mpg for manual transmission for all models.

2018 BMW 6 series - engine

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Possible infotainment and Safety Equipment

for 2018  BMW 6 series



Leather and Wood

Head-Up Display

10.2 inch Display

Navigation System

iDrive System

Dynamic Cruise Control

12 Speakers

Adaptive Drive

500-watt Audio System

Start/Stop System

Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Lane Departure

Satellite Radio

Pedestrian Detection

Hands-Free Calling

Collision Warning

Voice Commands

Backup Camera

Ventilated Seats

Parking Sensors

Air Condition

Automatic Lights

Bluetooth Connection

Brake Assist

Audio Car Play


DVD Player

Auto Parking

USB Port


2018 BMW 6 series - safety

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Who Will Compete With 2018 BMW 6 series?

Mercedes-Benz SL-class

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