2018 BMW 2 series Redesign

The compact minivan is not a vehicle that attracts attention. But when we hear the 2018 BMW 2 series all changes. A focus is only on this vehicle.

2018 BMW 2 series – Review, Price, Release Date

Bavarians will produce a new model series 2. Several versions of this vehicle. These are 2 BMW coupe, convertible, Gran Coupe and Gran Tourer. Each special and useful in their own way. The starting price should be around $ 57,000.

                2018 BMW 2 Series – Video

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All the refinement of the German designers and engineers was transferred to this car. BMW 2 series will be modified successor of the vehicle with the tag 1. The proportions are similar, but with the coupe model. It has a striking and very modern exterior. It is especially a characteristic shape of the front headlights. The front grille is larger or unchanged appearance. Elegance and aggression are complemented with a large chute for air circulation, which is mounted on the front bumper. On the exterior can be seen a large impact sports or design and luxury. The vehicle is harmonious, without any unnecessary detailing. The lights are equipped with LED light sources and are designed elegantly enough. BMW 2 series will have a slightly larger size of the models from the series 1 and as increased wheelbase. The car is impressively designed so that it can be described as a true representative of the Bavarian tradition. It has passion in appearance and rebellious character. Aggressive performance can be seen immediately because the lines are very vivid. You can feel the power and enjoy the ride and even when the car is parked. When convertible canvas roof will be available in three colors. Black, anthracite and brown. Lifting and lowering of the roof can be done while driving and it takes about 20 seconds. The design resembles a large extent on the coupe. The only difference is the roof. An extended version of the model was named Gran Tourer. The compact seven-seater. Compared to the coupe version is different in shape, dimensions and elevated deck.


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The cabin of the BMW 2 series is also designed on the model of series 1. In addition to the standard material, it is possible to get a leather interior. With these details receive details of brushed aluminum and fine wood. There is enough space for five or seven passengers. It depends on which model you choose. The impressive sporting character is emphasized at every detail. The seats are comfortable and done in an exclusive style. Ambient lighting can be changed as desired. The instrument panel has a unique shape, excellent visibility, and BMW character. Every detail suggests an exciting ride. The steering wheel is ergonomically very convenient with all the multi-function controls. There’s plenty of storage compartments for all necessary little things. All LED lamps create a pleasant atmosphere in which will enjoy all the passengers.


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Engine Specs for 2018 BMW 2 series

Engine: 2.0-liters turbocharged 4-cylinder

Power: 300 hp

Torque: 280 lb/ft

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Fuel Economy: 22/29 mpg


Engine: 2.5-liters turbocharged 4-cylinder

Power: 350 hp

Torque: 309 lb/ft

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Fuel Economy: 21/28 mpg

2018 BMW 2 series - engine

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Possible Infotainment and Safety Equipment for

2018 BMW 2 series



Home-Link System

Parking Sensors

Leather Seats

Rearview Camera

7-inch Touchscreen

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

6 Speakers

Navigation System

110 Watt Audio System

Cruise Control

AM/FM/HD Radio

Blind Spot Monitoring

Satellite Radio


CD/DVD Radio

Stability Control

11 GB Internal Storage

Traction Control

USB Port


SD Card

Lane Departure

Bluetooth Connection

Automatic Brakes

Bose Audio System

Burmester Audio System

Climate Control

2018 BMW 2 series - safety

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Competitors for 2018 BMW 2 series

Alfa Romeo 4C

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