2017 Mazda RX-9 Specs and Price

Spirit of the RX-7 will revive in a new body. The Japanese company will introduce a new sports car, called the 2017 Mazda RX-9.

2017 Mazda RX-9 – Style, Price, Specs and Appearance

Japanese media can not stop praise, coming model Mazda RX-9. Is it worth so much confusion and attention? Well, certainly it is. The plan will be presented this year, but sales could start in 2019. The idea is good, but everything should be implemented. Design drawings are very impressive. They reveal a modern vehicle aims for glory. Basic price could be around $ 50,000.

                    2017 Mazda RX-9 – VIDEO 

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It is expected less radical design, with a long hood and short rear of the vehicle. Length should be slightly larger than the present Vision concept. Profile of the vehicle is distinctive from other Mazda cars. Line of the hood is slightly taller in order to protect the rights of pedestrians. But the profile remains low and sleek. Radical sporty character is represented by a modern and aggressive LED lights and fantastic designed alloy wheels. All the details are still only assumptions of car lovers and faithful companions of auto industry. The concrete appearance is still a secret of producer and it is too early to talk about specific details. Due to the rich and successful history of Mazda manufacturer, we can expect a spectacle and four wheels.


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The interior space is not yet displayed. Some forms are discovered, certain equipment and the assumption that everything will be at a high level. The Japanese are known to provide its loyal riders maximum. Comfort, high quality management, good accessories and the best materials. According to announcements, a good part of the cabin will be decorated with details of aluminum and chromium. Control will be very functional with individual keys on it. The control panel should include round pointers and pleasant illuminated LED light. Everything is placed within easy reach of the driver.


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2017 Mazda RX-9 Engine Specs

Engine: 1.6 liter Wankel turbocharged

Power: 400 hp

Torque: 300 lb/ft

Transmission: automatic

2017 Mazda RX-9 - engine

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Possible Infotainment and Safety Equipment for 2017 Mazda RX-9



Good Audio System


Hands-Free Calling

Parking Sensors

Voice Commands

Navigation System

USB Port

Traction Control

AUX Input

Stability Control

Leather Seats


Air Condition


2017 Mazda RX-9 - safety

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Possible Competitors for 2017 Mazda RX-9


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